Kampot pepper

Black, red and white pepper from Kampot.

Flower of salt

Flower of salt

The finest form of sea salt.

Palm sugar

Palm sugar

Palmyra palm sugar,
a Cambodian ancestral tradition.

Long red Kampot pepper

Long red Kampot pepper

Complex flavors of dried red berries.


Kampot pepper black

Black Kampot pepper

When the pepper berry starts to mature and goes from a dark green color to slightly yellow, it is harvested to produce black Kampot pepper. Berries are sun-dried.

During the drying process, the outer husk becomes hard and black to become the black peppercorn we know. KADODĒ Kampot pepper black has a strong character but yet a delicate aroma.

After a first powerful peppery body taste, it reveals outstanding aromas of flower, eucalyptus and mint. Freshly ground Kampot pepper black is sublime sprinkled on top of salads, pastas, pork, beef or lamb recipes.

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KADODÉ Kampot pepper, Premium grade

KADODĒ is a brand of Farmlink dedicated to the finest Kampot Pepper quality and exclusively collected from selected farmers.

Kampot pepper white

White Kampot pepper

When the pepper berry is fully mature and turns bright red on the vine, it is harvested to produce red but also white pepper.
The white core is extracted and then sun dried.

This quality white pepper should not be confused with common white pepper obtained from the mechanical processing of unripe peppercorns.
Kampot pepper white delivers an intense bouquet and delicate aromas.

Its strong spicy taste carries notes of fresh herbs and lemon. Freshly ground Kampot pepper white is fabulous sprinkled on top of a fish fillet, salads, and veggie recipes.

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KADODE pepper is refined with the highest standard of drying, sorting and packaging in our premises of Kampot.

KADODÉ garantees of total traceability of each pack, all the way to the farmer who produced each peppercorn.

Kampot pepper red

Kampot red pepper

When the pepper berry is fully mature and turns bright red on the vine, it is harvested in a selective manner onto the grape to produce red pepper.

Kampot pepper red delivers a powerful and fruity aroma. Its taste combines the spicy, mature flavor of black pepper with a sugary sweetness.

Freshly ground Kampot pepper red will delight you when sprinkled on top of salads, pastas, pork, beef or duck recipes and desserts.

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Check our FARMER FINDER below, enter the 7 digits code found on your pepper bag and discover the farmer behind your Kampot Pepper!

Long red pepper

Long red pepper

It procures a stronger heat, comparable to Red Chili. Long red pepper develops complex flavors of dried red berries, cardamom and nutmeg. KADODÉ long red pepper's peppery and earthy base notes remind the ones from black pepper, which means it can be used in place of black pepper in many dishes.

Break the long red pepper in half and crush with a pestle, twisting as you go. As they become finer, use a circular motion to break them down further.

Alternatively, use a microplane and simply grate the long red pepper. Or cut them with a scissor in tiny pieces of less than ½ cm and use your black pepper or spice grinder

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A more pungent taste than black peppercorn

Its sweetness makes it a perfect fit for deserts, such as cacao and it fits perfectly to link a sweet and salty dish.

Kampot flower of salt

Kampot flower of salt

Flower of salt is the finest form of sea salt, used by all Chef, known to bring out with distinction the flavor of fine cuisine.
The extraction of sea salt is based on a natural process of concentration of salt by sea salt evaporation until its final crystallization.

The saline of Kampot are located at the south of the Kingdom of Cambodia, on the Gulf of Thailand.
The salines of Kampot provide most of Cambodia’s own salt consumption.

All operations are manual, from the crop to the final cleaning. The quality of Kampot Flower of salt KADODE is beyond expectations. Only few Salt production sites in the world have the weather conditions needed to produce a great Flower of salt.

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Flower of salt should be, unlike coarse salt, used after cooking to retain all its taste enhancing properties.

The Flower of salt de Sel KADODÉ is a natural product, unwashed after harvest, unrefined, without additives. Its marine and harvesting technique gives it high levels of bio-available magnesium as well as calcium, potassium.

Palm sugar

Palm sugar

The Palmyra palm sugar from Cambodia (Scientific name : Borassus flabellifer) is not to be confused with palm oil, his distant cousin that grows on an industrial scale in Indonesia and Brazil. The Palmyra palm sugar tree matures and produces fruit after 15 years and can live up to 70 years. More than 3 million wild coconut palm trees grow naturally throughout Cambodia. It is also the national symbol of the Kingdom. It plays a very important role in providing a source of income for many Khmers. This is a multipurpose tree - each portion of the shaft may have many uses. Cambodians use wood for construction, for cooking and making utensils, the leaves are used for many purposes, the branches are used for fencing and fruit juice are harvested and consumed.

KAMPONG SPEU Protected Geographical Indication : Palmyra palm sugar KADODÉ comes exclusively from the region of Kampong Speu. The soil is particularly suitable for palm sugar, allowing the shaft to produce an exceptional juice rich and powerful aromas. Farmers use traditional techniques and care, with an organic approach.

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KADODÉ Palmyra palm sugar is obtained from the juice of palm flowers. The juice is drained flower stems of male and female palm sugar.

The male flowers produce palm sap for 3 months while females provide fruit juice for almost 6 months. Some farmers are able to harvest the juice all year round, but the collection is usually from November to March.


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